Our Heroine

Judy and Indian Canoe
and her Indian Canoe

   On's     Travels
in 2009

  West Vancouver Island     and the Broughton Islands

And her Protaginist

Boris  at Friendly Cove
on the Friendly Cove Rocks

The Travel Tales, which represent the cruising story: where we went, who we met and what we saw. This is Judy's work shared by Boris. So click on the Link and enjoy

We finally get to the west Coast of Vancouver Island, and visit Barkley Sound and Clayquot Sound

View through Window

The view from our window

Journey On goes through the Broughtons, from and to Port McNeill

Broughton Museum
A lifetime of living in the Broughtons
Nootka Sound which started for Europeans with Capt. Juan Perez, but is famous for Capt. James Cook

 Nootka Lighthouse Nootka Lighthouse