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Journey On

Journey On in the Pacific Northwest

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Journey On

Judy and Boris Dobrotin

Wherein a Rouge C-Dory Forces It's Owners into New Spaces

Judy and Boris
Judy and Boris
At the Gulf of Georgia Cannery

In 2014 we were back to one of lifes great pleasures, enjoying being on the boat in the Pacific Northwest. This included family camping on the Quimper Peninsula, another tour of the San Juans and on to Desolation sound with Joanie and Larry.

So go to Desolation Sound and enjoy the trip

Prince of Wales

  Prince of Wale Sound


We cruised with Our Journey, a sailboat, and here are those stories, starting with out East Coast Trip.

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In 2013 we tried something different: a trip to the capitals of Poland (Polska,) the 3 Baltic Countries: Lithuania (Lietuva,) Latvia (Latvija,) and finally, Russia (Россия.) 6 cities in 14 days. We learned a lot, saw some beautiful sights. And, no, we didn't do it in Journey On.

St Basil

St Basil in Red Square. Who would ever have dreamed that?

Eastern Europe and Russia

First, is our 2 year trip in Our Journey on the Great Loop around the East Coast of the USA .  Cronologically this is the last trip in Our Journey, but the first Judy has finished.  Great story, history, getting stuck, new friends, arrested, exiled, all the excitement you would want.

eire canal

Eire Canal Barge


In 2012, we took Journey On to the Mississippi River. We learned something, but you'll have to read about it and decide for yourself.

And that's Journey On approaching Lock Umpteen


Down the Big Muddy



Judy On the Quay in Papeete

This represents our trip to Mexico and the South Pacific



OK, we're  back to the boat, and this year we did a reprise of the Pacific Northwes t: the San Juans, the Gulf Islands and Pudget sound.  We meet family and friends and enjoy new (to us) places. We also learned to sleep in the cockpit, which is fun if you're 10, and if you're 75, that's a hard floor.

Max in Cockpit


2011 Northwest Visit 

Isla Isabella
Isla Isabella, Mexico one of many stops along the way

This the fifth year of our Travel Journal and we took a trip through the western National Parks. No, not with the boat, but with our travel trailer. Herein lies a tale of the beauties we saw, the backroads we took and the people we met (some our own relations, others just passing through.)

Yosemite and Yellowstone you've heard of, but how about the National Bison Range and Capital Reef?  All there, and a couple more.

Meridian Trailer

The 2010 National Park Trip

Baird Glacier
Judy and Baird Glacier, Ak.

This represents our trip up the Inside Passage to Alaska and back down to San Diego

Our 2009 Travels are complete.  We cruised the west coast of Vancouver Isle, launching the boat at towns located at the head of the various sounds.  Afterwards, we visited the Broughton Islands on the east side of Queen Charlotte Strait

Resolution Cove, in Nootka Sound.
Resolution Cove
This is where Capt. James Cook repaired his ships Resolution and Discovery in 1778

The 2009 trip to Vancouver Island

Bahama Cruise
A Bahamian Traveler, with autopilot

A representative shot of Boris hard at work in the Bahamas

San Francisco and environs.  It was fascinating to learn about both early California history, see what it has grown into, and learn the geography of San Francisco Bay and the surrounding environs.

We also spent a week at the Channel Islands, re-learning what we forgot.

Pelican Bat
Pelican Bay, Santa Cruz Isle

The 2008 trip to visit San Francisco Bay

eire rest stop

An Eire Canal Rest Stop

         Chicago, Lake Superior, Georgian Bay. This was a long trip, and you can join us for every step:

The trip to Lake Superior, Lake Superior in several places, North channel of Lake Huron, the Trent Severn Canal and Georgian Bay

Great Lakes
The Great Lakes

2007 Travels to the Great Lakes


Olympia, San Juans, Gulf Islands and Desolation Sound.

San Juans

2006 Travels to the Pacific Northwest: